This test measures the presence of certain bacteria, fungi, and antibiotic resistant genes in order to guide the treatment of chronic wounds.


Chronic wounds cause substantial morbidity and disability. Infection in chronic wounds is clinically defined by routine culture methods that can take several days to obtain a final result, and may not fully describe the community of organisms or biome within these wounds. Molecular diagnostic approaches offer promise for a more rapid and complete assessment.

This test is a real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) detecting the presence of bacterial infections, one yeast species and associated antibiotic resistance for certain antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections of the wound infection.

The list of antibiotic resistance markers is not comprehensive and only covers a subset of known antibiotic resistance markers for some routine antibiotics used. This test will inform a physician of what antibiotics NOT to use but cannot give information on what antibiotics to use. It is recommended that comprehensive microbiological culture and sensitivity be performed where an ordering physician requires guidance on the most effective antibiotic to use for a particular infection.

Symptoms include:

  • Pus: Pus or cloudy fluid is draining from the wound.
  • Pimple: A pimple or yellow crust has formed on the wound.
  • Soft scab: The scab has increased in size.
  • Red area: Increasing redness occurs around the wound.
  • Red streak: A red streak is spreading from the wound toward the heart.
  • Pain: The wound has become very tender.
  • Swelling: Pain or swelling is increasing 48 hours after the wound occurred.
  • Swollen node: The lymph node draining that area of the skin may become large and tender.
  • The wound has not healed within 10 days of the injury.
  • Fever

If you believe you are experiencing severe, unusual, or worsening symptoms, please contact your health care provider immediately.

Collection Information

Whats Included
  • 1 Copan ESwab
  • 1 Biohazard Zip-locked bag with absorbent pad
  • 1 Guaze pad
  • 1 Alcohol prep pad
  • Return envelope
  • Instructions pamphlet
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